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Free Range British Bronze Turkey

Fresh Free Range Bronze Turkey

Fresh Free Range Bronze Turkey


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Home-grown at Franklins Farm, like all our poultry, our turkeys are slow-grown to maturity, hand processed here on our farm, and then hung to ensure the meat is moist, succulent and full of flavour. Named for its unusual colour, the feathers of this breed are a shimmering green-bronze. They are famed for a distinctive gamey flavour and moist meat, but also have a firm texture. Our Bronze turkeys are traditionally reared and free range with weight ranges between 4kg to 12kg, please select your required size from the options.

• 4.5kg - Feeds 4 -6 People
• 5.5kg - Feeds 6 -8 People
• 6.5kg - Feeds 8- 10 People -
• 7.5kg - Feeds 10 -12 People -
• 8.5kg - Feeds 12 -14 People -
• 9.5kg - Feeds 14 -16 People -
• 10kg - Feeds 16+ -
• 11kg - Feeds 17+ -
• 12kg - Feeds 18+ -

PLEASE NOTE: Guides are approximate and dependant on appetite! Birds are banded into weight bands, for example an 8.5kg bird is in the 8 - 8.9kg Band. We will get your bird as close as possible to the size you require.
"Roast Turkey with cider syrup and British veggies"
1x 4kg turkey
1 pint cider mixed with 100grms of brown
sugar - boiled and then chilled
Half-cooked and skin-on small potatoes - at least six per person
4 baking apples - quarter-cored and steeped in iced water with a splash of apple juice
6 leeks - washed and cut into two-inch pieces
1 head of peeled and finely chopped celery
120ml cream
120ml chicken stock
Sea salt
Black pepper

Place turkey on wire rack in a large roasting tray, brush with the cider syrup. Put into a pre-heated oven 180c for 20 minutes per pound (450grms). Always give an extra 20 minutes for cooking and turn oven down after 40 minutes to 160oc. Insert a temperature gauge to be safe and happy it’s cooked. Place apples, celery in baking dish and leeks with cream and stock in oven covered for 40 minutes then 10 minutes uncovered. Line a baking sheet with greaseproof paper, toss the potatoes with a little veggie oil and sea salt. Place in oven until golden and crispy.

To serve
Place all the cooked veggies in a big dish - carve turkey at the table and garnish with lots of watercress. To be extra sure the turkey is cooked insert a skewer or tip sllghtly to check juices run clear.


To make a delicious gravy, strain cooking juices into a saucepan, thicken slightly with two teaspoons of cornflour, heat and serve.