Free Range Grass Fed Meat, Poultry and Game Plus Fresh Local Produce

Franklins of Thorncote Free Range Produce

Franklins of Thorncote Free Range Produce


Our Farm Shop remains open 7 days a week, and if you are within a 10 mile radius and are self-isolating so would like a delivery, with a minimum spend of £40, please call Anna 01767 627644 or 07834 412569 or email

We produce free range poultry which we grow in the traditional way. Our poultry are free to roam the meadows and pastures at our farm in Thorncote Green during the day, and housed at night on beds of home-grown straw. They are fed on cereals and crops grown on our farm.

Our poultry is grown to maturity, then slaughtered on our farm. The birds are dry plucked, then finished by hand. They are then hung to improve the flavour and texture, before being processed by hand.

Their meat is moist and succulent, and full of flavour, and taste like chickens should.

Our flock consists of free range chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys

We also produce around 250 lambs each spring.

Our Free range pigs are Gloucester Old Spots crossed with Large Whites. We have around 20 breeding sows, and regular litters of piglets, which can often be seen going under the fences and free ranging around the meadows!

Our beef cattle are housed in the winter and live out in the meadows through the summer.

The red meat is slaughtered weekly at our local abbatoir and brought back to the farm to be butchered by our Master Butcher for the shop.

We have a flock of free range egg laying hens which produce free range eggs for the shop and the farmers markets. The eggs are collected and graded daily so they are always lovely fresh eggs.

We make all our own burgers and sausages using our own meat. Our Farmhouse Sausage won the BEST SAUSAGE IN BEDFORDSHIRE in 2013 and the SILVER AWARD in THE BRITISH SAUSAGE WEEK in 2014, so we are very proud to be awarded such an accolade!

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